Hello Seattle. Goodbye Seattle.

At the beginning of January Chris Roper and Jeremy Dunham, community managers at Zipper Interactive (Sony-owned game developer on the SOCOM franchise & MAG), gave me a call. Quick back-story, Chris and Jeremy used to work at IGN.com, a website I grew up reading on a daily basis and in a way influenced the way I write today, so I was well-aware of who these two were...

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Recent Awards

Probably should have posted this a lot earlier, but me and my team won "Best Corporate Production" at the 2010 Loyalist College Sparky Awards for the Quinte Conservation video you can watch a couple posts below. I was also lucky enough to be on the winning teams for "Best Major Production" (Kayley) and "Best OnCampus Episode". I'll have photos of the certificates up soon, and hopefully the photos from backstage once they are posted. You can check out all the Sparky Award winners here.