The Rational National

In early January 2016 I launched The Rational National. What was initially just a YouTube channel where I could share my thoughts on any given issue, has now grown into a website that features written editorials, has seen massive success on Vine to the extent of over 10 million loops, a Tumblr-based website that hit over 170,000 notes in one post, the occasional tweet that blows up, and yes, still YouTube videos.

All this early success on social media is cool, no doubt, but what I really enjoy is being able to combine my insight with my skills behind the camera and on the keyboard. I've always enjoyed doing many different things, finding it hard to really hone in on one skill or even industry that keeps my attention indefinitely. With The Rational National though, I get to be active in front of the camera, edit video, write articles, share concise thoughts on Twitter, promote TRN using targeted Facebook ads, cut some quick (& sometimes funny) Vines, all while hopefully adding some value to the massive conversation taking place online.

I've been a video editor for broadcast news, a writer for a large gaming audience, a web marketing specialist, a videographer, and a politician. I'm now combining aspects from all these previous jobs into a career I'm thoroughly enjoying.. now I just need to find a way to make money doing it.