I like satire

Last month I started the satirical news blog "THIS IS NEWS: Not Fair or Balanced", focusing on pop culture and politics I generate fake news that has some basis in reality. Since it's early on and some people may not understand all the references let me break down why I wrote each story that is currently on there:

Chris Brown starts fight with a duvet for taking up the whole bed - I wrote this after reading about Chris Brown starting a fight with singer Frank Ocean over a parking spot. It seems like Chris Brown is just ready and willing to get in a fight with anybody that I took it to the extreme.

‘Call of Duty’ underfire for outing thousands of homosexuals - Non-gamers may not understand the reference but play one match of Call of Duty online with voice chat turned on and you'll get what this is about. It's impossible to get through a game without someone calling someone else a "fag", "faggot", "homo", etc, not to mention a variety of racial slurs and what not - and often by kids who shouldn't be playing a game rated 17+. I thought it would be funny to take the view that these high-tempered children are actually outing their peers instead of throwing them as insults.

Republican changes stance on heated issue because it affects someone they care about, surprises no one - I enjoy American politics because of its high entertainment value. As someone who is socially liberal I find it hilarious when time and time again I read about strictly socially conservative politicians and public figures who are completely liberal on a single social issue that can be traced back to someone they know who deals with that. Best example is Dick Chaney, someone very socially conservative who is all for gay marriage and gay rights because his daughter is a lesbian. It's as if they are so blind that they can't see the other side unless it is right up in their face.

Pastor: Right to own an assault rifle is in the bible - Pastor Sam Morris has been in the news before for saying insane things, and the week I wrote this he was in the news for saying "Mass shootings happen because schools teach evolution and ‘how to be a homo’". So to be honest I don't think my article is even that far-fetched.

Rick Santorum to support gay marriage, Ann Coulter comes out as a lesbian - Maybe my least thought-through piece, but I still like the idea behind it. This sort of goes hand and hand with the "Republican changes stance..." article. The idea that if the staunchly socially conservative Rick Santorum turned out to have a gay son, what would happen, and I think the quote I wrote up for him would be fairly close to what he might say...at least in his mind. Ann Coulter I just added in there because I find her hilarious, I don't know how much of what she says she actually believes. My favourite part of her inclusion is the fake book title, goes in line with her other book titles.

‘Mario Kart’ linked to reckless driving - My first and maybe still best-written piece for this blog. After the shooting in Newtown there was a lot of talk about the role of violent videogames, all coming from people who know very little about video games, why they are appealing, and who plays them. I figured if violent videogames can be blamed for shootings then why can't racing games be blamed for reckless driving?