Test footage for 'NE$'

Shot some test footage last night for an upcoming documentary on an up and coming Toronto-area rapper. The Canon C100 performs surprisingly well in very low-light conditions. Used Neat Video on a few clips to get rid of some minor noise - recording video out to an Atomos Ninja Blade in 4:2:2 instead of AVCHD in 4:2:0 would have likely cut down on that even further.

A Life of Fear

Disorders of the mind are debilitating, they hold us back in ways that are often hard to put into words. Somewhere along the way we decided this part of ourselves only needed to be shared with our closest confidants, that somehow sharing our faults with the world made us look weak, even if those faults may have simply been sewn into our DNA, or engrained in us at a young age through trauma we may not even remember. This summer I’m heading out on a trip, partly in an attempt to end what has held me down for so long, and I see no reason to keep some of my motivations a secret, especially if it has the potential to help others – that is my driving factor.

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To the jungle

About six months ago I was talking with a friend of mine at a party. She brought up the topic of a psychedelic called 'ayahuasca'. My knowledge of the psychedelic experience at the time was what most people think, "take LSD and see things that aren't there". So I never had any desire to get "fucked up" at the inane risk of permanently staying in that world and becoming a crazy homeless man who spends the rest of his life talking to himself - or as society has lead us to believe.

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